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About OMAF Büro

OMAF Büro answers all the challenges that arise due to the current and future prospects of the power industry. Büro positioned itself in such a way to provide the innovative solution for Consumers, Utilities and Manufacturers.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, OMAF Büro involves in the following operations.

  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Contracting Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Project Consultancy Services
  • Construction Supervision & Project Management Services
  • Quality Management Consultancy Services
  • Training Services
  • Software Solutions

From its innovative, diversified, energetic and experienced work force, OMAF Büro is able to come up with state of the art solutions for its customers. Büro is a customer oriented organization which perceives the customer requirement and transforms the available resources with efficiency in the best interest of the customers. Büro has a blended expertise of Software, Telecommunication, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers to cater the customer requirement in all aspects.